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Thank you for the course which I really enjoyed! It was great to get some direct feedback on the state of my brain! But more than that, you ran the course really well, you made it interesting and fun and got us all working together. I learned a lot about the system and about myself. The last session had a big impact and I felt rather spaced out for a few days afterwards. I have now come back down to earth but till find myself dropping into other states from time to time.

Thank you for the life changing training, your tremendous work and for being you! The training impacted a lot. Even our relationship with the children. In a positive manner. Can’t wait meet you again!

Many many thanks for your fabulous ideas, your inspiration, your amazing, interesting and enormous knowledge, your interesting clients with whom you allowed me to work, thanks for your constant efforts of teaching. I really enjoyed it! I am really over grateful for some more important steps in my personal development and for so many gorgeous experiences. My deepest thanks from all my heart.

Du vermittelst mit einer ungeheuren Leichtigkeit viel Wissen und gestaltest Dein Seminar sehr klar, kompetent und äußerst interessant. Deine Natürlichkeit und Normalität, keine Beschränkungen in Bezug auf die eigene Denkweise ist einfach genial!

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